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Be A Property Scout Consultant. I Need Your Help.

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From: Austin Davis

I have thousands of consultants I work with you help me find the best deals out there. In fact, i've built a national association of commercial real estate property scouts that brings me and my investors deals. However, only about 5% of them really apply themselves and actually put to use all of what I give them to find me deals. Let, me be clear what I am seeking here to make sure you are ready and willing to work as a consultant in the way I am looking for you to help me in. I'll tell you what I want and what I am looking for in commercial property. You then go and find it for me. You will not be my broker nor will I pay you any real estate commission, nor will the seller. If you are also a broker, then you are welcome to ask the seller to pay you a broker's commission, I don't care. I however am only looking for consultants to help me. You also can not get paid a broker's commission by the seller in most cases unless you are a licensed broker as far as I know. I do not provide legal advice though, so consult your own legal services for broker requirements and licenses. I am only interested in working with you as a business consultant to help me find what I and my investors are looking for.

You will not get any ownership of the property you help me buy. If you are wanting to act as a investor and buy property with me, I will consider you for that option later or you can ask me for information on that later. For what I am looking for with property scout consultants you will have to find property that meets what I am looking for. I will provide you methods of which I use and my other property scout consultants use to find deals, but you will have to put those methods into action for them to work. You are likely going to need to have access to a phone, the internet and a fax machine (you can find a fax machine at many office stores around you to use for a minimal fee if you don't have one or you can buy one later they aren't that expensive.)

Why I Need Property Scout Consultants.

I need property scout consultants because it takes time and work to find deals that meet the criteria I and my investors have to buy deals. Most brokers who have contacts for good deals already have relationships with investors they take their deals to. They are loyal to them and they won't just share the best deals with anyone. There are of course many average and new brokers who want to find and do deals, but they don't have contacts and they don't know where or how to find the best deals. They also tend to rarely lack the motivation and drive that I've found in many of my top property scout consultants that I personally trained. As such, rather than trying to train a old dog who already has his or her way of doing things I look for property scout consultants. My best and most loyal property scouts are those I trained and showed how to make a generous living doing it. The problem is that once they hit that level of success, they stop wanting to be consultants and they want to become investors too. So I lose the deals they were bringing to me and they start doing the deals themselves with the cash they have made. So, I have to keep finding new property scout consultants to help me find new deals. I don't just sit around and hope I find them. I go out to find them by using systems and training them with no experience. That's why I put up this website and why through one of my systems you are now on this website reading about what a property scout consultant is and why you should consider becoming one.

Can You Be A Property Scout Consultant For Me?

Here is what you have to do and have to be a property scout consultant for me...

1 The will power or desire to work...

1 Access to the internet...

1 Able to fax/scan documents... (local office stores have them)

1 Able to enter numbers on a spreadsheet (it's not hard)...

1 Access to email..

And YOU will learn:

111 How to evaluate deals -- I'll give you free software to do it...

1 You don't buy or sign for any loans... ZERO risk...

1 Fatten your bank account with cash.. lots of it... (CRE Scouts make great money)

And the best part is...

You Are Not Left Alone... Real Live Help.

When you send your deals you find in my staff will review them for you. They will get back with you on the next steps as soon as the deal is reviewed. You can ask them questions and you will learn more than you will from any program - you'll get to experience working with a great team I've assembled. It's all included when you are a property scout consultant to me.

It's alright if this is new to you ...

Most Investors Never Think
Bigger Than 1-4 Bedroom House Investing.

Most of your peers who are interested in real estate investing will spend years, some decades, trying to get their foot in the door with 1-4 bedroom houses to invest in. They might get 10 or 20 or 50 homes after decades of working hard, doing their own management, working on their own properties and making $100 or $200 on a house and hoping their single source of income per home (1 family) keeps their job(s) to make the rent payment so they can make their mortgage payment. Plus, times have changed and no longer can you get more than 4-10 mortgages for homes. I've long ago stopped wasting my time with single family homes and have heard the limit on the number of mortgages you can have is 4 - 10. I don't really know, and I don't really care because I would never do single family home investments. It's harder, risker and the returns are peanuts compared to commercial real estate deals.

The thing about real estate investing is you are playing a numbers game. The more deals you find, with sellers willing to sell on your terms and the more offers you are making each day, the better deals and the more cashflow you will build. If you are a successful investor in single family homes already then you know how true that statement is. If you only make 1 offer on 1 home a year you will not build a cashflow. You can't find many people who want to work as a property scout consultant on single family homes. First, there are a lot of investors fighting each other for the deals. So you'll be up against investors doing their own work (that's not so much the case in commercial real estate - CRE investors have lots of cashflow and tend to get lazy and like others to find deals for them.. I know that's why I started this site to get help to find deals). Next, you are dealing with home owners and not investors who are the sellers. Working with home owners is like working in a retail store and dealing with the public. Home owners tend to be emotionally attatched and they don't think very logical most of the time. They think their home is made of gold and they can flip flop a lot. You will find the commercial real estate industry is very different.

Plus you will get to watch and learn and experience how deals are done. You will built a cashflow that will let you quit your job or you can keep working your job if you like it. Once you build up a stock pile of cash you can start buying property on your own too. I'll even show you how to do partnerships and partner on deals if you want. More on that later.

I know it's contrary to everything you've heard before, but...

Real Estate Does Not Have To Be Hard.

Most people make it far too hard... and that's why 99% of them fail.

There's simply no need to get caught up by your lack of knowledge... and trying to figure it all out on your own. A self made man (or woman) is a sad story. It means there was no mentor, friend or trusted ally to take them by the hand and help them be successful.

You can try to do it on your own or you can let me train you.

Do you want to know the best kept secret to getting started in real estate investing in the world?

I Hope Your Reading Close This Will Change Your Life.

Starting a career as a property scout consultant in commercial real estate is life changing.

BUT, only if you make the right connections.

But, I bet you have heard that a lot, easier said than done.. unless you start with the right connections by association.

Trust me, everyone learns this the hard way. Everyone always wonders why they made it so hard and didn't learn how to do this the easy way sooner.

Most investors will spend years working like a crazed bulldog... researching and testing different programs, methods, strategies, and techniques.

Have you had your share of heartache... fists pounding against your desk... and emotion-based decisions that cost you thousands when they were to make you thousands?

And in time come to the same conclusion as other investors - you can't figure it out - you need help.

All you need is a proven, logical, and step by step system that has been working exceptionally well for investors for years (and will continue to do so).

I'm going to plug you in and let you learn and get training in my property scout training system so you can become a consultant for me to bring me deals. You will skip past all the hard stuff, you will not have to learn while risking your credit, income, job, assets, cash, etc. because I and my investors buy the property. You just get paid. (Later you can learn how to buy property too and partner on deals, but for now you can start without the extra work to do that.)

No, you don't have to go to school, take classes, go to college or have a degree or even have a GED or high school dipolma. That stuff is great and all, but the only thing I am looking for in my property scouts I train to be consultants for me is motivation and will power to find deals. That's it.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and fill you up with false promises... swearing up and down that you'll make millions overnight. I just won't.

But my system has been...

Proven To Get New and Established Investors Started In Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Now, to continue and learn more about becoming a property scout consultant and being trained by my staff please enter your name and email to be sent details on learning more. There is no obligation or commitment, but I do need to send you more information and get some information from you after that if you wish to apply for training. There is no cost to request more information. I do not sell, share, rent your email address. I value your privacy and hate spam too. I will use your email address to send you the information. At anytime you can click the link in the email I send you with information to remove your email address and never hear from me again.

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